Underwater videography

Made with GoPro, Hugyfot housing and rEvo rebreathers

More than just filming fish

Wrecks, grottos, reefs and abandonded mines

Deep Technical Diving

Rebreathers offer unprecedented possibilities to underwater videography

uCam works for governments, for TV production houses, documentary makers and companies. uCam uses technical diving with rEvo rebreathers to create spectacular underwater recordings. Using rebreathers gives uCam the advantage of diving deep and very silent.

The GoPro Hero video camera, combined with the Hugyfot underwater camera housing, is the ideal combination for shooting underwater movies. Equally important is a good underwater video lighting system for which uCam uses to the innovative Green Force.

Why uCam uses the GoPro camera

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Why Hugyfot camera housing is ideal for GoPro Cameras

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Why uCam uses Green Force Lighting Systems

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rEvo Rebreathers and uCam, a perfecte match!

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