Wauters vs Waes, preparation cliff diving.

Wauters vs Waes, Tv serie met Koen Wauter en Tom Waes

Wauters en Waes receive their instructions from Evi Hanssen to go cliff diving (jumping from a platform, 20 meters above the water) in Malescine at Lake Garda in Italy. They are coached by Orlando Duque..

Wauters and Waes started their training in the Olympia swimming pool in Bruges and progress from the 2 meter platform to 5 to 7,5 meters and finally to the 10 meters platform.

uCam filmed their training in the Olympia swimming pool and the images were used during the programme.

Mares XR Extended Range Photoshoot.

Onderwater video uCam Malediven Barracuda

rEvo Rebreathers commissioned uCam for a video shoot during the official photo shoot of the new Mares XR product line.

The photo and video shoot took place in the Bergwerk mine in Nuttlar, the German Sauerland. This underground mine with ice cold and crystal clear water was an ideal place to present the dry suit.

The video is currently used by Mares on their stand on all international diving fairs.

Playing with light.

Onderwater video met Hugyfot Vision

The 'Cell F&F WEVOS', in cooperation with NELOSAC (Audiovisual Commission), organised the training 'Playing with light' in the diving pool 'Transfo' in Zwevegem, Belgium, on Wednesday 18 October 2017.

A unique opportunity for underwater photographers and videographers to update or even improve their lighting, composition and creativity skills.

uCam was present to capture the whole event.

Diving Pool Transfo, 10.000th visitor.

Onderwater video met Hugyfot Vision

uCam filmed the underwater festivities in diving pool Transfo. In two years time, 10,000 visitors came to visit and dive in the Transfo diving pool. To attract even more divers, the province of West Flanders invested in an underwater circuit. The festive ribbon was cut under water by ex-judoka Gella Vandecaveye..

At the opening of the diving pool in 2015, the Deputy Carl Vereecke (Open VLD) was the first to take a dive. Now he left the official under water part to the godmother of the diving pool judoka Gella Vandecaveye.

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